The Experience Business

Why Price-Focused Businesses Fail and What Winners do Instead

How is it that some companies seem to be able to charge sky-high prices and 'get away with it' while their competitors struggle to get customers at any price and often end up discounting their way out of profitability and business?

The answer lies in The Experience Business.

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Book Overview

James' Second Book. The Experience Business. Published in 2017.

I have run enough businesses to know you need a set of rules and time investment to allow you to achieve excellence constantly and consistently. Great service that delivers experience can only come from a company that charges the right amount with the right margins. Experience companies need big margins and big profits to deliver the experience

The big, big money lies in either building a huge 'price' company like McDonalds, or an excellent experience company like Apple or Disney. Many of you who read this book will be running an SME, not even touching the empires of the above businesses, but it's possible to build an excellent big-small company that competes on experience.

You will then be the emperor or empress of your Experience Business. You'll be testimonial famous, inundated with fans and loyal followers, then you'll be able to increase prices over time.

The great news is that with this book you'll learn how to be small but profitable in your niche - if you compete on experience, you'll be able to scale the business up at your leisure.

Enjoy the book, and to your continued success, James

Daniel Priestley - Co-Founder at Dent Global

“A Fun, Fast-Paced Read”

“When you meet James personally, you immediately sense his enthusiasm for life and deep curiosity for business; this book is written from teh same high energy approach, making it a fun, fast-paced read

If you read this book you'll be entertained, but if you apply the ideas in this book you'll save yourself years and become more successful sooner.”

Cathy Craddock - Partner at Outdoor Play People

“My Business Bible”

“This is a bible for those who want to do business in a way that is really customer focused.

Easy to read. Superb content. A really thought provoking book to help you plan the future of your business.

I highly recommend following James' YouTube channel too. 'Backstage business' is a behind the scenes look at James's business life. It's a great insight into the kind of entrepreneur you're reading about.”

About the author

James Sinclair is the CEO of the Partyman Group and the Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Network, a business education and coaching organisation.

Having started his business straight out of school at age 15, James Sinclair has gone on to build a business empire spanning industries including entertainment, leisure and business training.

In 2015 he met Mark Creaser and Co-Founded the Entrepreneurs Network, a business education and coaching organisation set up to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenging terrain of business ownership.

James' charity, Partyman's Magic Makers, aims to create laughter, smiles and magical memories for the UK’s most deserving children and their families, by providing magical experiences to those children and families facing difficult situations through illness, hardship or trauma.

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All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Partyman's Magic Makers